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Digital X-rays

Digital X rays Treatment Adelaiade Trowse Chiropractic South Australia

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Digital X-ray Imaging

At Trowse Chiropractic  we have state-of-the-art digital x-ray facilities. All of our chiropractors  have received training in radiography (taking the images) and radiology (interpreting the images) as part of their university education.

X-ray images are taken by your chiropractor when clinically recommended. There is no need to go elsewhere and in most cases we are able to help you on the same day as your appointment.

X-ray images may be required after a thorough history  and examination to:

  • rule out any serious pathology
  • confirm a diagnosis or pathology
  • determine if chiropractic care is appropriate for you
  • identify any contraindications or factors that would affect or modify the type of care recommended.

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