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Low Back Pain

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Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a condition that we see on a daily basis in our clinic. In fact, 9 out of 10 people will experience low back pain in their lifetime. It is important to understand the cause of your low back pain as this will help you make the best choices for treatment and, ultimately, prevention.

There is increasing evidence to suggest chiropractic is effective for treatment of low back pain including nerve pain in the leg (sciatica). Chiropractic specifically targets improvements in spinal biomechanics and aims to restore motion and improve posture. This will allow the injured tissues to operate with the least amount of stress, reduce the potential for re-injury and provide the best environment for healing.

Your chiropractor is trained to assess your spine, find the cause of back pain and recommend the most suitable treatment.

The Problem

If a lower back vertebra (bone in your spine) develops abnormal joint movement (subluxation) it becomes stuck and the disc that sits below it becomes unbalanced. As a result altered signals are sent to the brain and central nervous system (the body isn’t sending the brain all the information it needs). You may experience inflammation (swelling) and pain at the injury site and in severe cases, suffer referred pain such as sciatica.

You may experience the following if you have abnormal movement in your low back:

  • Generalised discomfort and stiffness
  • Pain in your lower back, leg, foot or toes
  • Pain on coughing or sneezing
  • Pins and needles or numbness and burning in the thigh or leg
  • Pain worse in the mornings
  • Pain that radiates down past the buttock or thigh
  • Pain when leaning forward
  • Trouble going from sitting to standing (you use your hands to lift yourself)
  • Muscle spasms

You may experience the following if you have abnormal movement in your pelvis or hips:

  • Pain on one side of your lower back
  • Difficulty straightening up or feeling twisted
  • Pain when moving in bed at night
  • Pain in the upper leg, thigh or groin
  • Knee pain
  • Trouble getting in and out of the car (swinging your legs around)
The Cause

Back pain can start as a result of trauma, but most commonly is caused over time from repetitive motions and poor lifting techniques.

When specific joints in your spine or pelvis aren’t moving as well as they should other areas have to work harder and can become vulnerable.

We will thoroughly assess your spine and pelvis to find the cause of your pain.

Common causes of discomfort:

  • Bending and/or twisting
  • Fall or trauma
  • Repetitive motion (e.g. lifting)
  • A big cough or sneeze
  • Doing something you haven’t done in a long time (e.g. gardening)
  • Lifting and reaching (e.g. putting grocery bags in the car)
  • Walking in high heels
  • Standing or walking on uneven surfaces
  • Degenerative changes over time (arthritis)
What May Happen If You Don't Do Anything?

Sometimes people will find their back pain will subside by itself, taking anywhere from days to months.

However, our patients often tell us their back pain has been happening on and off for years, but gradually gets worse each time and takes longer to feel better. This is because the underlying cause has not been corrected.

What we commonly find if people don’t do anything to help their back function improve:

  • Pain can get worse and occur more frequently
  • May impact on daily activities, ability to work and sleeping quality
  • Can cause uneven stress on the lumbar discs which can increase the rate of wear and tear (osteoarthritis)

The longer a condition is left untreated the more difficult it can become to fix. This can be a strain on time and/or finances.

How Trowse Chiropractic Can Help?

A thorough Gonstead chiropractic examination at Trowse Chiropractic Adelaide will precisely locate the specific part of your spine or pelvis that is causing your pain and discomfort.

A specific correction (adjustment) is made to the injured vertebra/pelvis to restore its correct biomechanical position. This improves control of the spine and body and, in most cases, will reduce pain levels. Correcting the cause often reduces the time it takes for your body to heal itself.

We strive to improve the function of your spine and body

Move Better, Feel Better, Naturally